Full Tilt Poker Back on Twitter, FTP Doug Revealed!

One of the first concrete manifestations of Full Tilt’s relaunch occurred yesterday when the company introduced (via 2p2 and Twitter) the new room manager for FTP.Say goodbye to FTP Doug and hello to … FTP Markus. Shyam Markus, that is. The first tweet from the new public face of Full Tilt Poker: Ok, a little simple, but right now simple is good. Simple is very good.The link in the above tweet goes to a 2p2 thread where FTPMarkus is answering questions about the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker. Or, as he’s calling it in the thread, the pre-relaunch of FTP. Mini-bombshell from the thread: Markus was FTPDoug the whole time. Most of the whole time. Here’s how he explains it:He goes on to address an number of points of interest for FTP players (no word on US payments, obviously), so give the thread a read if you haven’t already.Follow FTPMarkus on Twitter.

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